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World Series Park welcomes the Procopio Companies as a new sponsor

By January 6, 2019June 7th, 2019No Comments
Procopio Management Team

World Series Park Superintendent Bob Davis submitted the following press release

World Series Park in Saugus depends on the support of Saugus businesses. Many Saugus businesses purchase advertising signs that are displayed at the park each season. People who come to the park are encouraged to support these businesses, since without the support of these sponsors the park wouldn’t be possible. World Series Park hosts over 250 games each season. The Procopio Companies purchased a sign for the 2018 season.

The Procopio Companies is a longtime Saugus family-owned business. They are a real estate development and construction company specializing in construction management, property management, land development and civil construction. They have served all of Boston’s North Shore since 1950.

Owner Michael Procopio believes in serving the community by not only providing real estate and construction needs, but also supporting causes that make Saugus a better place to live, like World Series Park that provides a great facility for the youth of Saugus to play baseball.

“We very much appreciate the Procopio Companies’ support and encourage people to use their services,” World Series Park Superintendent Bob Davis said. “We hope that other new and already established Saugus businesses will help us by purchasing advertising signs and becoming one of our sponsors. This kind of support is what got us started and has kept us going over the last 14 years. The Saugus businesses that have helped us deserve a lot of credit for making the park what it is today. All of the signs are made by Sachem Signworks of Saugus.”

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