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Council Agrees to Sell Ornsteen Land

By February 29, 2020No Comments

HAVERHILL — Mayor James Fiorentini will soon begin negotiations with Lynnfield’s Procopio Companies to develop the long-vacant 4.8 acre parcel on the Bradford side of the Comeau Bridge, the City Council agreed Tuesday.

Negotiations can begin now that the council voted to declare the land surplus and name Procopio the “preferred developer” for the waterfront property.

Tuesday’s vote was unanimous. Councilor Thomas Sullivan abstained from the vote due to a conflict of interest and was not present for the discussion related to the project.

Still, Fiorentini said, just because Procopio is the “preferred developer” doesn’t mean the project is a done deal. Once negotiations are complete, the final proposal must return to the City Council for a vote, he said.  Procopio would buy the city-owned site at 31-35 Railroad Ave. for $1 million. 

Though councilors were simply voting to surplus the land, Fiorentini invited representatives from Util, the Boston-based firm hired to consult on the project, to discuss the merits of bringing Procopio in to develop the parcel.

Util and Fiorentini both said Procopio won raves from city stakeholders and members of the Ornsteen review committee because their proposal made the best use of the acreage, appealed to the greatest number of residents and did not need public grants or subsidies to fund the project.

That vote won’t happen, Fiorentini promised, without the completion … [READ MORE]

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